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Ice Shot Glass Set

Ice Shot Glass Set

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This set of 6 Shot Tumblers comes in two options, each consisting of 6 different colors. These shot glasses are more than just a functional glass barware accessory - they're a work of art! Each tumbler is meticulously crafted using the traditional mouth-blown and hand-carving techniques, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. 

This item is a set of 6 unique shot glasses coming in a variety of colors, and if you want to pick your own color, check out the Ice Shot Glass Duos.

The sets come in 2 color palettes, Cool and Warm, so you can choose the fitting one depending on the aesthetics of your establishment. 

About this Shot Glass Set:

Shot glass height: 6.5cm

Shot glass diameter: 5cm

Quantity of glasses: 6

Color palette options: Cool, Warm

Method of creation: Glass fusion, mouth blown

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