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Ice Shot Glass Duos

Ice Shot Glass Duos

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Mouth blown and hand carved, these pieces of glass barware come in 11 different colors, with a vintage and frosty finish.

These shot glasses are an artistic creation in addition to a useful piece of barware. Each set is completely unique because our glass artist uses time-honored methods like mouth-blown glass and hand-carving to create each individual piece.

Our ice shot glasses are elegant in appearance and practical in use. Shots taken from these handcrafted glasses, pre-chilled in the freezer, can impress even the pickiest of guests.

Our ice shot glass set is the perfect complement to your existing barware, whether you're throwing a dinner party, entertaining friends, or just relaxing at home.

About the Ice Shot Glass Duos:

Shot glass height: 6.5cm

Shot glass diameter: 5cm

Colors: 11 options. Sunset | Amber | Olive | Green | Aquamarine | Turkish Blue | Sky Blue | Tourmaline | Blue Cobalt | Amethyst | Dark Gray

Number of shot glasses: 2

Method of creation: Glass fusion, mouth blown

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