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Totem Floor Lamp

Totem Floor Lamp

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In the same way that traditional totem poles tell stories and represent togetherness, our Totem Floor Lamp tells its own story through its painstaking construction and the hypnotic interplay of color. Each glass shape is a demonstration of skilled craftsmanship, and together they create a mosaic of light.

This lamp's color scheme is both sophisticated and adaptable. The lamp is a kaleidoscope of earthy and brilliant colors, ranging from gray to olive to amber to sunset to tourmaline. Moreover, customization is an option for individuals who want to develop their own color narrative. The combinations are practically infinite now that we also have Ice, Black, Blue, and Amethyst to choose from.

But that's not all you can personalize! While the shown height displays a majestic 165 cm, or nearly 5'6", you may also adjust the size and style of the shade to make the lamp look great in any room.

Details about this Floor Lamp:

Height: 165 cm | 5' 6"

Method of creation: hand-made fused glass

Custom orders available

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