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The Tortoise Glass Sculpture is the latest breathtaking addition to our Animal Kingdom Collection. This sculpture was inspired by the prosperity tortoise, a symbol of fortitude, longevity, steadiness, and prosperity in many different cultures.

It's a gorgeous statuette of a tortoise, sure, but it's also a lucky charm that, according to legend, will bring its owner lots of money. The polished finish of the Tortoise's quality kiln-cast glass construction highlights the glass's natural elasticity and suppleness.

Unique to tortoises, its pattern is faithfully replicated on its shell, and the tortoise's wise, mellow demeanor is reproduced with startling accuracy. The use of such rich, dark hues in the construction of this piece adds another dimension of visual intrigue, making it a wonderfully compelling piece of art.

There's more to the Tortoise Glass Sculpture than meets the eye. It's a lucky charm, a shining light that leads the way to financial success. The tortoise's perseverance and patience are beautifully shown here, and the owner will do well to keep those traits close at heart.


Details about this Tortoise glass sculpture:

Length: 20 cm | 8"

Available colors: Amber | Ice | Olive l Lemon

Method of creation: Pate-de-Verre technique

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