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Tenera Console

Tenera Console

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Meet the Tenera Console, a beautiful and practical piece of furniture that brings together the best of both worlds in your home or office. Every delicate line and soft curve in this piece was designed with the spirit of subtle resilience in mind, creating an intriguing contradiction. 

The fused glass top is a display of artisanal craftsmanship, bringing forth a visual fluidity that sings softly of distant, quiet landscapes and tranquil, gliding rivers. Fusing, a method that demands an acute sense of temperature, timing, and tact, enables the glass to fluidly melt, generating a cohesive organism that's both solid and seemingly liquid. 

The blackened brass metal legs are a visible and tactile tribute to strength, standing firm beneath this sea of tranquility. Their mysterious dark color and sombre demeanor provide a grounded counterpoint to the airy glass above. 

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