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Talisman Vase

Talisman Vase

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Unique glass vases in variety of attractive colors and in two complementing sizes. 

Designed to add a personal touch to high-end establishments and showcase the mastery of glass fusion and how two colors can be seamlessly integrated in a glass product.

The large glass vase comes in a variety of color combinations: Amber Lime Green, Pink Amethyst, Sunset Clear, Gray Aquamarine Blue, Olive Amethyst, Sky Blue Violet .The smaller vases are in Amber, Olive, Sky Blue, Acquamarine Blue, Amethyst, Pink, Sunset and Moss GreenThe vases have cast sculptural feet in contrast bold colors.

About this glass vase:


18 cm | 7 inch high large

12 cm l 4 3/4 inch high small

Method of creation: Glass fusion, mouth blown

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