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Single Ball Table Lamp

Single Ball Table Lamp

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The Single Ball Table Lamp is an innovative piece of lighting design that blurs the lines between art and practicality. The imposing 58 cm height of this piece makes it a focal point in any room, while its modern aesthetic and adherence to classic forms make it a timeless addition.

A square of solid black serves as the lamp's base, anchoring the structure and providing visual stability. Its strong geometric shape contrasts dramatically with the lamp's rounded features, resulting in a pleasing visual equilibrium. This beautiful glass globe, measuring 39cm in diameter, sits at the ideal height between the primary light and the base. The ball's tranquil aquamarine color calls to mind the tranquil waters of exotic beaches. When turned on, the lamp's light diffuses through the clear glass and fills the room with a soothing blue glow.

The matte black base offers a remarkable visual contrast to the smooth, translucent glass ball. The artwork is both harmonic and fascinating because to the interplay between the round ball and the square base. It's an eye-catcher, yet its straightforward style allows it to work with a variety of decor choices.

Details about this Table Lamp:

Height: 58cm

Radius: 39cm

Color options: Aquamarine | Olive

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