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Reeds Shot Glasses

Reeds Shot Glasses

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Mouth blown shot glasses that are completely hand-crafted and mouth-blown by Feleksan, a professional glass artist with decades of experience in creating elaborate glass designs.

A perfect addition to a set of glass barware, these shot glasses are both great looking and nice to handle. These Reeds Shot Glasses come in six exquisite colors: sunset, amber, tourmaline, sky blue, Turkish blue and olive. 

The hand-carved river reed designs not only enhance the shot glasses' beauty, but also provide a comfortable grip, ensuring that your drinking experience is both stylish and comfortable.

Perfect as gifts (as we pack them in hand-made lacquered wooden gift boxes), or simply great additions to your bar at home.

When you can have shot glasses that are one-of-a-kind and skillfully created, why settle for anything less? Get a set of our hand-crafted, mouth-blown shot glasses right this second and marvel at their exquisiteness and superiority.

About the Reeds Shot Glasses:

Height: 6.5 cm | 2.5"

Diameter: 5 cm | 2"

Color options: Sunset | Amber | Tourmaline | Sky Blue | Turkish Blue | Olive.

Method of creation: Glass fusion, mouth blown

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