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Ottoman Tulip Tumblers

Ottoman Tulip Tumblers

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Mouth-blown tulip shaped glass tumblers in eight colors- Turkish blue, cobalt blue, sunset, pink, moss green, yellow and amethyst. The tumblers are finished with hand painted contrast rims which are heat sealed. Top shelf in the dishwasher.

Tulip is Turkey’s national flower with its roots going back to Ottoman era where it would grow in wild. Tulipa is the Latin word for tulip which is derived from Tulipan, meaning "turban".

These glass tumblers mimic the tulip flower. Tulips have inspired many artisans in Ottoman Empire and continues to do so today in today's Turkey.

Height: 8 cm / 3 1/8"

Diameter: 6 cm / 2 3/8"

Colors: 8 Options Turkish Blue l Cobalt Blue l Sunset l Pink l Amethyst l Yellow l Moss Green l Tourmaline 

Method of creation: Mouth blown, hand painted

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