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Opuntia Cactus

Opuntia Cactus

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Our Opuntia Cactus Glass Sculpture is a wonderful way to appreciate the timeless grace of desert flora and a proud addition to our nature-themed glass collection. This freestanding artwork brings the vivacity of nature within and provides a steady stream of good vibes.

These high-end sculptures of opuntia cacti are lifelike representations of the renowned desert plant, standing at a height of 22 cm (9"). The opuntia, or prickly pear cactus, is an interesting and eye-catching plant because to its hardiness and distinctive form.

The distinctive characteristics of the Opuntia cactus are brought out in our premium sculptures by careful handcrafting. The cactus's paddles and nodules have been artfully sculpted to look authentic and interesting, making it a fantastic ornament for indoors or out.

Details about this Opuntia Cactus Glass Sculpture:

Height: 22 cm | 9"

Available colors: Forest Green | Dark Amber | Moss Green

Additional info: Color variations are available upon request.

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