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Nazar Glass Sculpture

Nazar Glass Sculpture

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This beautiful sculpture, known as the Nazar Sculpture, was created to honor the East Mediterranean region's extensive cultural history. The idea of the "evil eye", a belief passed down through the ages, served as inspiration for the elaborate and complex design of this sculpture.

This Nazar intricate uneven globe bookend on metal pedestal has a practical purpose by keeping your books in place, but it also serves as a lovely decorative element that will bring a sense of mystique and elegance to any room.

The Nazar Sculpture is a work of art crafted with painstaking precision; its uneven globe design is captivating, and the sculpture rests on a round polished metal pedestal that emphasizes its one-of-a-kind form. This magnificent and intriguing piece, with its deep blue tone and detailed patterns, is sure to attract attention and start a conversation.

For those who value the aesthetic value of art and culture, the Nazar Glass Sculpture is an absolute must-have, whether as a present for a loved one or as a statement piece for one's own home or office.

Details about this glass sculpture

Height: 51 cm | 20"

Diameter: 15 cm | 6"

Method of creation: Glass fusion, mouth blown

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