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Nazar Glass Bookend

Nazar Glass Bookend

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The Nazar intricate globe bookend can be a beautiful addition for any library or bookshelf. Our master glass craftsman Feleksan creates each of these unique bookends by hand, through the use of mouth-blown glass techniques.

The polished square metal base provides a stark contrast to the uneven and irregular shape of the Nazar eye, and this piece is sure to draw attention.

Because the Nazar symbol is thought to ward off the evil eye, this bookend serves as more than just a pretty accent. The prominent use of glass fusion incorporates the colors perfectly into one another, giving this item a truly unique feel.

Attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this piece, from the rippled texture of the glass to the hand-polished metal base. This intricately detailed Nazar globe bookend is a wonderful addition to any avid reader with a library of their own.

Details about this glass bookend: 

Height: 16 cm | 6 1/4"

Color options: Turkish Blue | Dark Blue | Olive

Method of creation: Glass fusion, mouth-blown

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