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Nazar Glass Accent Piece

Nazar Glass Accent Piece

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The Nazar Accent Piece is an exceptional ornament that can be used in a variety of settings to enhance their respective aesthetics. This piece is mouth-blown using the incalmo method. It catches the eye within it, creating a mesmerizing optical effect that will keep you captivated.

In the incalmo technique, glass of different colors and shapes are joined together while still hot. This creates a sharp boundary between the two hues. The method is employed to startling effect in the Nazar Accent Piece, giving the impression that the eye is floating in the glass.

Nazar, sometimes known as the evil eye, is an ancient sign believed to protect its wearer from harm. This work celebrates the historical significance of the Nazar in the East Mediterranean region.

Details about this Accent Piece:

Diameter: 11 cm | 4 1/3"

Color options: Olive | Amber | Ruby | Tangerine | Dark Blue | Turkish Blue

Method of creation: mouth-blown, incalmo glass fusion

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