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The advanced Pate-de-Verre technique is used to make kiln cast glass sculptures like the Lion, which are featured in our Animal Kingdom collection. The production of Pate-de-Verre glass sculptures is an intensive and time-consuming procedure that calls for a high level of craftsmanship.

To prevent bubbles, cloudiness, and cracking throughout the cooling process requires complete mastery of the glass. Our master glassblower Feleksan Onar uses elements of nature as a starting point for each of her one-of-a-kind and visually arresting creations.

This piece of art was inspired by Mufasa from The Lion King and its purpose was to portray the majesty and strength of the forest's ruler. The lion's mane and features are recreated in glass with extreme precision, which emphasized the lion's strength and calm magnificence.

The uniqueness and artist signature on each item further highlight the distinctive qualities of this premium glass sculpture, while the design reminds us of our most favorite childhood cartoons, at the same time inspiring strength and determination.

Details about this Lion glass sculpture:

Length: 30 cm | 1'

Height: 15 cm | 6"

Available colors: Amber | Ice | Black

Method of creation: Pate-de-Verre (glass paste)

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