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Inside Out Table Lamp

Inside Out Table Lamp

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The Inside Out Table Lamp is a perfect example of how elegance and timelessness can coexist in a single piece of furniture. This lamp, with its retro touches that harken back to a bygone period, manages to capture the allure of history while being thoroughly modern.

The Inside Out Table Lamp is a thoughtfully crafted piece of furniture that serves as much as a source of illumination as it is a topic of discussion thanks to its unique design. Subtle vintage details in the body's design add a touch of nostalgia to any space. Its small form factor and understated style make it an understated addition to any setting, whether that's a bedside table, a sophisticated workplace, or a comfortable reading corner.

There is still a focus on practicality. A standard electric bulb provides constant, dependable light within this lamp. The Inside Out Table Lamp demonstrates its versatility even further by being compatible with both American and European electrical outlets. This makes sure that the light may be easily integrated into any home decor.

Details about this Table Lamp:

Height: 20 cm | 8"

Method of creation: glass fusion, custom made

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