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Inside Out Doubles Desk Lamp

Inside Out Doubles Desk Lamp

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The accuracy and artistic design of the Inside Out Doubles Desk Lamp perfectly reflects the spirit of contrast. The structure's centerpieces are two antique cut glass globes, whose intricate patterns reflect and refract light in a number of ways. These antique-looking globes are a nice accent that will stand the test of time.

The lamp has a remarkable design, taking its cue from the shape of the word 'X' to create a sturdy, well-balanced base. An attractive and symmetrical picture is created by the placement of a bulb above each line of the 'X'. The design guarantees that light will be emitted in all directions; this makes it ideal for areas that would be better served by light coming from all angles.

The Inside Out Doubles Desk Lamp is an adaptable piece of furniture that looks well in both contemporary and classic settings. Whether it is displayed on a desk in an executive's office, on a side table in a living room, or anywhere else, its presence instantly improves the place's aesthetics.

Details about this Desk Lamp:

Height: 45 cm | 1'6"

Width: 40 cm | 1'4"

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