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Hydra Horse

Hydra Horse

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The Hydra Horse Glass Sculpture is an impressive and thought-provoking addition to our illustrious Animal Kingdom Collection. The Hydra Horse is more than a glasswork; it's a story. It was designed to reflect the same energy, grace, and strength of our founder's favorite horse, Hydra.

The sculpture is an ode to Hydra, depicting the horse in all its vigor and vitality. The finest kiln glass used to cast each Hydra Horse results in a highly polished surface that draws the eye and highlights the sculpture's curves and details.

The magnificent Hydra Horse Glass Sculpture can be used for more than just decoration. It combines form and function beautifully when used as a bookend, adding a touch of equestrian flair to your library or office.

This sculpture is more than simply a decorative piece; it honors the bond between humans and the animals in their lives.

Details about this Horse glass sculpture:

Length: 15 cm | 6"

Height: 11 cm | 4 1/5"

Available colors: Amber | Ice | Olive | Amethyst | Blue

Method of creation: Pate-de-Verre (glass paste)

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