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The Frog sculpture is a fun addition to our Animal Kingdom series; it was handcrafted utilizing the distinctive Pate-de-Verre cast glass process. Motivated by the nimbleness and toughness of amphibians, this sculpture conveys the spirit of making it in life by adjusting to new circumstances and acting quickly.

Our expert glass artisan, Feleksan Onar, creates a clay original by hand as a guide for her final creation. This model then becomes a master copy for a plaster mold, where glass is carefully placed and fired in high-temperature casting kilns. 

Each glass sculpture is completely unique, since the glass piece is obtained by breaking the plaster mold, and it has to be redone every time. The surface of this one-of-a-kind cast glass sculpture shows a frog that has been meticulously and realistically sculpted by hand. 

Displaying this stunning sculpture in your home or office will serve as a constant reminder of the value of agility, flexibility, and persistence in reaching your goals.

Details about this Frog glass sculpture:

Height: 12.5 cm | 5"

Available colors: Amber | Ice | Green

Method of creation: Pate-de-Verre (glass paste)

Additional options:

Frog in the Pond with Lilies.

Why not spike it up with a bright yellow lily pond stand with orange flowers?

Diameter: 23 cm | 9"

A bright addition to your space and a great conversation piece.  Order now and we ship in 3 weeks.

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