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Foresta sculpture

Foresta sculpture

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Our Foresta Glass Sculpture, an inherent part of the Nature Glass Collection, is a beautiful addition to any home or office since it brings the outdoors in. This premium sculpture, made in the "sommerso" style of Murano glassmaking, is a magnificent display of the wild beauty and majesty of nature.

The Foresta Sculptures are all stunning works of art. These pieces, which are both massive and freeform, have an arresting and attractive artistic stance. The sculptures' use of layered natural colors makes them look strikingly like a peaceful forest environment. The frosty edges of the winter green variants mimic the freshness of a woodland on a cold winter morning.

Different sized and tinted green glass sculptures made in a hot oven give the impression of floating gala leaves in a placid lagoon. This luxury glass sculpture was created to bring the beauty of nature into any setting, whether shown by itself or in a composition.

Details about this Foresta Glass Sculpture:

Size 1: 37 x 22 x 10 cm

Size 2: 34 x 22 x 10 cm

Available colors: Forest Green | Winter Green

Method of creation: Murano Glass Making - Sommerso

Additional options: Variations in size and colors are available upon request

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