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Eternity Sculpture

Eternity Sculpture

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Our Sleek Eternity Glass Sculpture is a representation of timeless beauty and elegance. This piece, designed to represent continuity and unbreakable connections, is an ideal gift for special occasions and a stylish addition to any interior design.

This sculpture has a figure-eight shape, which is a universally recognized symbol of eternity. The glass sculpture's clean lines and smooth curves reflect light wonderfully, creating a visually arresting display that complements any environment.

The sculpture is affixed to a pedestal of matching glass, which enhances its visual impact and adds a level of sophistication. The interplay between the figure-eight pattern and the pedestal creates an arresting focal point, attracting the viewer's attention and igniting conversation.

Each Sleek Eternity Glass Sculpture is painstakingly crafted to ensure a high-quality piece that reflects the enduring nature of the bonds it symbolizes. This sculpture is a timeless option, whether you're commemorating a special relationship, marking a significant occasion, or simply adding an artistic flourish to your interior space.

Details about this Eternity Sculpture:

Length: 35 cm | 1' 2"

Available colors: Amber on Black | Amethyst on Ice | Cobalt on Ice | Black on Ice

Method of creation: Kiln cast glass

Lead time: While we strive to keep all variants in stock, some may be unavailable at the time you place your order. In such instances, crafting and delivery lead periods are typically two to three weeks.

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