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Eternity Paper Weight

Eternity Paper Weight

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Our Eternity Kiln Cast Glass Paperweight is a mix of usefulness and artistic symbolism. It was made to add a touch of modern luxury to your desk. This is more than just a way to keep your papers in order; it's a thoughtfully made statement piece with a deep symbolic meaning.

This paperweight is in the shape of a figure eight, which is a worldwide symbol for eternity, and it is offered in eight color options as an additional symbolic touch. It subtly shows the idea of endlessness and continuity. The design is simple but deep, making you think and giving your desk an artistic touch at the same time.

Kiln casting, an old method that includes melting glass in a kiln over a mold, is used to make each paperweight. The result is a piece of glass art that is both useful and beautiful to look at, with a depth of color and a variety of differences that make each piece unique.

The Eternity Kiln Cast Glass Paperweight has smooth lines and curves that reflect light beautifully. This draws the eye and makes your office look better. It's a useful tool for the office, a piece of modern art, and a sign of continuity all in one.

Details about this Eternity Paper Weight glass sculpture:

Length: 12 cm | 5"

Available colors: Amethyst | Amber | Black | Dark Amber | Green | Ice | Olive | Turquoise

Method of creation: Kiln cast glass

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