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Eternal Bond

Eternal Bond

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Here we present our Eternal Bond Kiln Cast Glass Sculpture, a beautiful emblem of solidarity, fortitude, and unbreakable bonds. Artistic and symbolic in equal measure, this item would be a fascinating addition to any room.

The sculpture consists of two loops that are expertly entwined out of kiln-cast glass. Different entities are represented by the individual loops, but they are all joined together in an eternal circle. This one-of-a-kind pattern is a fitting token of appreciation for long-standing friendships, romantic partnerships, and other close relationships because of the eternal tie it represents.

These two-looped objects spring to life when placed on a glass pedestal of contrasting color. The pedestal does double duty as a solid base and an aesthetic booster, drawing attention to the sculpture's vibrant colors and finer details. The dynamic visual interest created by the pedestal's interaction with the loops captures the eye and starts a discourse.

With careful attention to detail, we created this sculpture to reflect the enduring character of the connections it symbolizes. It is a token of love and unity that can be treasured for years to come because of its one-of-a-kind design and profound symbolism.

Details about this Eternal Bond Kiln Cast Glass Sculpture:

Color options:  Black and Ice on Dark Blue | Light Amber and Dark Amber on Black | Amber and Olive on Black | Light Amber and Turquoise on Ice | Emerald and Blue on Ice | Tourqoise and Emerald on Ice

Method of creation: Kiln cast glass

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