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Coral Sculpture

Coral Sculpture

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Our Coral Glass Sculpture is a beautiful way to bring the life and color of the ocean floor into your home or office, and an integral part of our Nature Premium Glass collection. The delicate pate-de-verre technique was used to cast this hand-sculpted work of art in the kiln, capturing the natural beauty and hypnotic detail of coral limbs.

Careful attention to detail has resulted in a stunningly accurate representation of this amazing marine creature. Adding a hint of oceanic beauty to any scene, its grandeur and complexity make it a fantastic accent piece for both indoor and outdoor areas.

The Coral Glass Sculpture is more than just a pretty sight; it's a tribute to the stunning beauty of the ocean's hidden world. Its sophisticated design and breathtaking presence help us better appreciate the natural world by highlighting the beauty and fragility of our maritime ecosystems.

Enjoy the beauty of the ocean without leaving home with this stunning coral sculpture.

Details about this Coral Glass Sculpture:

Height: 24 cm | 9 1/2"

Available colors: Emerald | Ionic Blue | Amber

Method of creation: Glass Paste technique a.k.a. Pate-de-Verre

Additional info: Color variations are available upon request.

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