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Cigar Ashtray

Cigar Ashtray

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For the connoisseur of fine cigars, we present our Contemporary Hot Formed Cigar Ashtray, an ideal combination of function and contemporary art. The piece's modern look and attention to detail make it a fitting addition to any room's furnishings.

The hot forming technique, by which glass is shaped while still hot and pliable, is used to make our cigar ashtray. The collection's trademark curvature and startling shapes are made possible by this technique.

This ashtray has a beautiful and functional design. It has a wide, shallow dish with a single groove to hold your cigar firmly so that you may relax and enjoy your smoke. The ash can be contained in the dish's depth, protecting nearby surfaces, and making the ashtray simple to clean.

This Contemporary Hot Formed Cigar Ashtray's beauty comes from its understated design. The translucent glass and clean, contemporary lines make this piece a show-stopping accent for any interior. 

Details about this Cigar Ashtray:

Length: 21 cm | 8 1/4"

Width: 14 cm | 6"

Height: 4cm | 1 3/4" 

Available colors: Smokey | Cloudy Blue | Light Olive

Method of creation: Glass Casting

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