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Cascade Chandelier

Cascade Chandelier

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Light and form come together in perfect harmony in the Cascade Chandelier, which features geometric brass arms and olive-colored, facet-cut glass globes. This is more than just a light fixture; it's a statement of style and class, giving off a warm, inviting glow while also serving as a showpiece.

Carefully conceived and executed, this chandelier features 10 arms made of brass that hold globes that evoke dripping drops of color. The olive-colored globes reflect light beautifully thanks to their intricately carved facets, lighting up the room in a way that is both soft and lively. 

The Cascade Chandelier was designed with customization in mind to meet the needs of a wide range of interiors and lighting schemes. Careful attention to detail in the design of each arm and globe makes this a stunning addition to both contemporary and classic settings.

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