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Cacti Flowers

Cacti Flowers

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Our Mini Cacti Flowers Glass Sculpture captures the desert's hidden beauty. Our stunning glass sculpture, a part of our nature-inspired glass collection, pays tribute to desert cacti flowers' vibrant colors. Kiln-cast and seated on hot-formed, moss-green glass, each piece is a natural wonder.

These small handmade sculptures capture the beauty of desert plants. The casting process accurately recreates the unique characteristics of each cacti blossom, creating a captivating image.

The moss-green glass foundation gives depth and contrast to the blooms' appearance. It adds an earthy, luxuriant desert moss bed to the exhibit.

The Mini Cacti Flowers Glass Sculpture will appeal to nature lovers and those who enjoy uncovering hidden natural beauties. These miniature luxury sculptures bring desert blossoms to life. Like wildflowers, each piece is unique and reflects our commitment to excellence.

Details about this Cacti Flowers Sculpture:

Height: 4 cm | 1.6"

Diameter: 6 cm | 2.4"

Available colors: Light Amber Flower | Lilac Flower

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