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Bamboo Table Lamp

Bamboo Table Lamp

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Our Bamboo Table Lamp will transport you to a peaceful forest glade. Each lamp is a labor of love that honors the bamboo plant, a symbol of strength and beauty.

This lamp's design is a visual feast, with its focus on two separate glass orbs. The smaller top ball has been expertly facet cut to reflect light in beautiful patterns, much like sunshine filtering through leafy trees. The larger bottom ball is a blank slate upon which the intricate bamboo leaves design can be hand etched. The artist's expertise and dedication shine through in the minute details of each leaf.

This lamp is a stunning addition to any room, and at 60 cm (about 2 feet) in height (with the fabric shade), it makes quite a visual impact. With the custom orders feature, you may modify the lamp to your specifications, making it an original and ideal fit for your intended aesthetic.

The available color schemes of Amethyst and Olive or Tourmaline and Olive complement the nature-inspired design, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside.

Details about this Table Lamp:

Height: 60 cm | 2 feet

Available colors: Amethyst and Olive I Tourmaline and Olive 

Custom orders available

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