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4Ways Multi-Function Object

4Ways Multi-Function Object

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Combining classic match strikes from the early 20th century with strike-anywhere matches, 4ways is a fantastic reimagining of an old favorite. Why not incorporate several uses into a single product where the owner of a piece can contribute to its design through its use?

With the silver-plated metal mouth piece, 4ways can be used as a vase, a reed diffuser, a tea light, or a match striker. It's the perfect gift for any event or room.

Strike-anywhere matches aren't included because of shipping regulations, but you can order them online or buy them nearby. Each piece comes with a tea light candle and reeds for a diffuser. Color variations are available upon request with 2 weeks lead time. 

Details about this glass object:

Diameter: 11 cm | 4 1/4" 

Style options: Celery | Fans | Drop | Olives

Color options: Olive | Black | Gray | Dark Blue | Sky Blue | Moss Green | Tourmaline | Amber | Amethyst | Sunset | Turkish Blue

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