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Splash Side Table

Splash Side Table

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The Splash Side Table is a seamless union of handmade glass and finely structured metal, emerging at the intersection of practicality and aesthetic allure. This object does more than take up room; it infuses the space around it with a unique, lively energy, making an understated but obvious statement about its lavishness and quality. 

The 45-centimeter-diameter table shows expert craftsmanship in every detail; the curves, twists, and ripples in the fused glass are all carefully designed, but they have the appearance of being accidental, like the rhythmic but seemingly random patterns of drops in a splash of water. 

The metal leg of the Splash Side Table do more than hold up the glass top; it also provide a striking visual contrast that adds to the table's overall appeal. Allure and mystery are captured in the structure's sturdy metal construction and finely sculpted shape.

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