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Pineapple Bookend

Pineapple Bookend

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Our Pineapple Glass and Metal Bookend will add a dash of tropical splendor to your home while serving a practical purpose. Each bookend is a testament to the skill of its creator, combining the methods of casting metal with those of mouth-blowing and hand-carving glass.

The pineapple, a universal emblem of hospitality and warmth, is made entirely by hand from mouth-blown glass and is a stunning example of the art of glassblowing. From the rough surface that mimics the exterior of a ripe pineapple to the delicate details of each leafy crown, each pineapple is hand-carved with great attention to detail.

In addition, there is a sturdy cast-metal stand with a leaf design. This not only adds to the bookend's aesthetic value, but also reinforces its structural integrity. The metal stand is sturdy and reliable, and it will give a touch of class to your bookshelf while supporting a whole row of books.

This Pineapple Glass and Metal Bookend combines practicality and style to make an item that may hold books or serve as a decorative accent for years to come. It will bring a taste of the tropics to any room, whether it's the study, library, or living room.

Details about this Pineapple Bookend:

Height: 30 cm | 12"

Diameter: 12 cm | 5"

Available options: Amber | Olive | Amethyst | Black | Sunset | Lime Green

Method of creation: Glass Casting, Hand Carved

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